How To Get Your Original WAEC Certificate Online (Even with your Phone)

WAEC digital certificate
A Screenshot of the WAEC digital certificate.

Looking for ways you can get your original WAEC certificate? Without the need to visit the school where you sat the examination? And even with your Phone? Well, the good news is after reading this post, you will be able to easily download your original WAEC certificate in a digital (PDF) format. You can print and present it wherever requested. And all these, just for a token and takes only a few seconds.

Gone are the days when you need to get your original WAEC certificate physically from the school where you sat for the exams. WAEC has made it easy for a candidate to get his or her original WAEC certificate from their portal. This provides for convenience and is much more cheaper.

Take for instance, I sat for the examination in 2013 but due to certain circumstances, I have been unable to get the original WAEC certificate, which costs N15,500 from my school. But with the introduction of the digital WAEC certificates, I finally have my certificate with me.

Furthermore, the even better news is there is no single difference between the digital and original paper WAEC certificate. The background, colors, fonts, logos, design and every single thing is same. In fact, the WAEC digital certificate is a scanned copy of your paper original WAEC certificate.

Cost of the digital WAEC Certificate

It is far cheaper to get your original WAEC certificate online than visiting the school where you sat for the examination. While, the minimum a school will charge you is N10,000 and some may charge as high as N100,000, you can get your digital original WAEC certificate for just N7,500 as at Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

What You Need to Get Your digital WAEC Certificate Online

1. Correct details for the WAEC examination (year, type, date of birth, examination number).

2. Any device with internet access such as a smartphone or computer.

3. N7,500 plus additional payment gateway charges (shouldn’t be up to N200)

4. Nothing else.

How To Get Your Original WAEC Certificate Online

It is easy to get your original WAEC certificate online and takes only few seconds. All you have to do is visit the WAEC digital certificates’ portal, create an account, login, make payment and download your certificate.

These steps are further illustrated below,

  1. Visit
    This is the official WAEC digital Certificates’ portal. You will automatically be redirected to

    Screenshot of WAEC digital certificates login page
    The WAEC digital certificates login page.
  2. Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”
    Since you don’t have an account yet, clicking “CREATE ACCOUNT” will enable you to create an account.
    – Click “CERTIFICATE ACCESS (CANDIDATE)” in the following page.
    Two types of accounts can be created on the portal. Candidates wishing to access their certificates’ account and organizations/institutions wishing to verify certificates’ account. Since, you want to access your certificate, click “CERTIFICATE ACCESS (CANDIDATE)”

    Screenshot of WAEC digital certificates account creation page
    Screenshot of the portal’s create account page
  3. Fill in your correct details as requested in the resulting registration page.
    Enter your correct and accessible email address and phone number. The portal will request for verification by sending confirmation codes to the email address and phone number.

    WAEC digital certificate account creation form
    You fill the registration form correctly.
  4. Once done with the registration and confirmation, proceed to login into your just created account.
  5. Once logged in, you will be presented with the certificate access page as shown below. This is where you can fill in the details regarding the certificate you want to access.

    WAEC digital certificate portal's certificate access page
    The certificate access page.
  6. Fill in the details and ensure they are very correct. These include your country, year of examination, type of examination which may be MAY/JUNE (normal WAEC) or NOV/DEC (GCE), date of birth and your examination number. It is very important you ensure your examination number is correct by crosschecking it before you proceed.
  7. Tick the “I HAVE VERIFY THE INFORMATION ABOVE” check box and click on “ACCESS CERTIFICATE” to proceed.

    Bottom of WAEC digital certificate portal's certificate access page.
    Tick the checkbox and proceed.
  8. A page will pop up to select your preferred method of payment.
    There are two available options; points for accounts already funded and credit card payment. Since, you don’t have any points in your just created account, only the credit card option will be available. Click on it to proceed to the payment of N7,500 (additional charges may apply) via Flutterwave.

    WAEC digital certificate portal's payment method page
    Click on “Card”
  9. After payment, you will be redirected back to the “access certificate” page with your certificate ready for your viewing and subsequent download. But before you may be able to view the certificate, WAEC may request for your address or some other information to verify you own the certificate.

NOTE: You will be able to view “accessed certificates” anytime on the portal. Just click on the menu bars and then “CERTIFICATES” and all your accessed certificates will be listed from where you can select any to view or download.

WAEC digital certificate portal's certificates' page
Accessed certificates on display.

Didn’t see your Certificate after Payment?

If your payment was successful and for some reasons such as network, WAEC couldn’t retrieve your certificate. Do not panic. Your account on the portal will be credited with points (30 points for every N7,500 paid and enough to view a certificate). Once credited with the points, you can then proceed to step 5 but this time, you shouldn’t choose the option to pay with credit card. Rather, choose the option to pay with points and proceed to access your certificate.

And that is it. I hope you can now access your digital original WAEC certificate easily, faster and even with your smartphone. Drop a comment if you have any questions or issues and we will be glad to help you out.