The Nigerian man in the Church's dinning room

Nigerian Man Shocked: Shares His Church Experience in Russia [PICS]

An obviously shocked Nigerian man, currently studying in the city of Yakutsk, Russia has shared his extraordinary experience attending a church in this extremely cold city of Russia. According to his narration, how service is conducted and their beliefs differ significantly from the Nigerian church system he is accustomed.

In a post shared on popular Nigerian online community, Nairaland, he narrated that a typical church service commences with singing and dancing, followed by reading of the bible verse for the week, sermon, heartwarming embraces and finally, dining where they are encouraged to eat to the fullest to prevent food from spoiling. They are also given packaged food to take home.

He also mentioned that the churches there do not collect titles and offerings, and do not emphasize on the concept of “hell”. Instead, they focus more on the love of Christ.
Furthermore, he noted that in these congregations, ladies are allowed to wear skimpy skirts, and it is customary for both women and men to leave their hair uncovered.
Read his interesting narration below,

This is not my first time attending the church here in Yakutsk, Russia (world’s coldest city where I study) but I have decided to share my experience about church service in Russia (Yakutsk) with you guys today.
This city is 8 hours ahead of Nigeria which means we had concluded the service long before you guys woke up. But my university invited international students to a special program today so I couldn’t post this until now.
The service begins with songs.
Yakutians and Russians dance and wave flags.
For instance they wave the red flag to symbolize salvation, white to symbolize peace and the flag of Israel to show love for the birth place of Christ.
After series of songs the bible is read and the junior pastor say a few things about the verse that is read.
Then the senior pastor would preach the sermon.
After which we hug each other   now I love this part and I try to avoid the men and hug the ladies…
After this we go to the dinning room and eat.
This is what I love most about the church here. There is nothing like offering and tithe. But we eat heavily every Sunday!
The first time I arrived here in Yakutsk and went to church, there was this lady that came to me after service and asked me if I am not cold (I didn’t have winter clothes yet) she told me even if I were not cold then, I would feel terribly cold when the winter gets tough. She took me to the stores in her car and bought me winter clothes, winter boots, mufflers, winter gloves, etc.
This is the coldest city in the world and those clothes are needed for survival. Infact even with those clothes, at minus 63 degrees you must not stay outside for more than 30mins to an hour. You would be finished!! (So imagine not having those clothes)
Her name is sister Natalia and she is so nice (and other people from church too) to the point that I was beginning to wonder if something else was not involved.  
One day I asked her why she does those things and how the church is able to finance feeding everyone every Sunday without taking offerings.
She said some people in the church makes secret donations…to do those things. She said they are not rich, they are just reciprocation of the love of Christ. She said a brother from church also give enough money to buy winter clothes for every new African student in the city! Those clothes cost about 250k in Nigerian money.
I can say that 30% of our feeding here is financed by the church. They send us chickens and meat from time to time. Lots of cucumbers, vegetables, rice and potatoes…
The church believes when people come to the presence of Christ, they should be physically blessed just like Christ fed his multitudes. They have up to 20 varieties of food and they often force us to pack food home. They say if we do not go with the food, they would get spoilt anyway. They make them in excess every Sunday so that no one would go without being filled.
Sisters in church are very free with boys (including internationals like us) they hug us like we are truly brothers and the women often hug and give us kisses on the cheek (reciprocating the love of Christ)
The preacher is a woman. She is Ukrainian. The church here does not preach hell at all. Quiet weird. They only talk about the love of Christ. Little wonder it really shows in everyone of them.
You could easily mistake the friendliness of everyone in church for ‘love interests’ they show that love tooooooo much.
Women and men should leave their head uncovered in church. No one would send you out if you do otherwise. But that is the norm here.
Korean girls in church wear very skimpy dresses. No one seems bothered about it.

The church preacher
The Church Preacher
The Nigerian man and his friend, sister Natalia
The Nigerian man and his friend, sister Natalia
The Bible verse for the week
The Bible verse for the week
The Church's Dinning Room
The Church’s Dinning Room
Some of the food served
Some of the food served
Salad served in the Church
Salad served in the Church
Second round of food served
Second round of food served 
The Nigerian man in the Church's dinning room
The Nigerian man in the Church’s dinning room